Pilates, Core Stability, Strength & Performance

Real Time Ultrasound & Core Training​

Pilates, Core Stability, Strength & Performance​​

Real Time Ultrasound & Core Training

Real time ultrasound imaging (RTUI) assists in the analysis of muscle activation patterns in real time. These essential core muscles are:

  • Deep abdominal (transversus abdominus & obliques)
  • Pelvic floor
  • Lower back (multifidis)
  • The extent and severity of a rectus diastasis

A RTUI assesses whether muscles are working appropriately to enable optimal movement strategies.

It provides biofeedback to the patient and therapist about muscle activation patterns, timing of recruitment and endurance capabilities. 

Activation patterns of the abdominal and back muscles of people with spinal and pelvic girdle pain are not in sequence and asymmetrical. Specific retraining of these recruitment patterns are essential for healthy movement, strength and performance.


Research has demonstrated that retraining motor control (timing of muscle contractions and activation) of specific stabilizing muscles is the ultimate goal of any exercise program for maximal strength of ‘global’ muscles and efficient movement.


Retraining stabilising muscles enables optimal transfer of loads through the spine and pelvic girdle to other joints of the body allowing stability without compromising mobility, and creates dynamic movement with control – true performance enhancement.

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For conditions such as a rectus diastasis , we use RTUI to objectively measure the extent, depth and severity of the separation. 


With a rectus diastasis, it is important to assess whether your body has adequate support for your lifestyle or sport. Using RTUI, we will determine how well supporting trunk muscles are functioning in relation to a rectus diastasis. In combination with RTUI, we will perform other tests to put into a clinical and functional context the relative importance of a rectus diastasis. 


We will objectively inform you of the impact these results will have on your physical health. Counselling regarding surgical and non-surgical options will be based on the patient’s goals and scientific evidence related to healing of a rectus diastasis.


Once the foundation of adequate ‘core strength’ is achieved, it is important to integrate this with your ‘global’ muscles and more specifically, into the desired sport or function. 

At PhysioMotion, all our staff are trained to use the RTUI equipment, tailor Pilates sessions and fitness training based on the specific abilities of the participant.

Pilates, Core Stability, Strength & Performance​

Core Stability


At PhysioMotion, we focus on optimal physical health including strength training based on core stability principles. We offer core stability training that is appropriate for everyone who wants to develop a strong foundation to move well. Core stability programs help with:


  • Injury management & prevention
  • Enhancing sports performance through effective strength training
  • Addressing biomechanical issues, muscular imbalances & muscle strains
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Managing lower back & pelvic related pain
  • Improving posture & back pain
  • Pregnancy related musculoskeletal issues
  • Pelvic floor retraining
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Strength Training

At PhysioMotion, we will work with you and other fitness professionals to:

  • Design & implement a progressive training program focused on injury prevention
  • Identify areas of specific weakness that is limiting performance
  • Assess core muscle function for using real time ultrasound optimal core stability & control 
  • Perform a sport specific technique analysis 
  • Consult with nutritional specialists to ensure dietary intake is adequate to meet training needs

Amongst our team, we have therapists who have competed at national level in their chosen sport and Olympic representative Physiotherapists. We truly understand the demands of elite level training, whilst preventing injury during training and competition.

Core Stability & Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on the use of your ‘core muscles’ using various apparatus and whole body movements. Pilates is a whole body training method focusing on use of the ‘core muscles’.

The ‘core unit’ is a set of muscles that form a moveable cylindrical support system for the lower back and pelvis. These muscles are the transversus abdominis, diaphragm, multifidus and pelvic floor.


Peak strength and fitness without injury can only be achieved with optimal neuromotor recruitment of the core muscle

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Recent studies have shown that core stability retraining is effective in the management of orthopaedic issues that relate to movement as well improve overall strength. It works by teaching coordinated activation and sequencing of the correct muscles during any movement – from walking to elite level performance. 


Incorrect biomechanics resulting from injuries, inactive lifestyles, inappropriate training regimes and pregnancy related changes can be addressed with effective exercise focused on building a strong core foundation.