Physiotherapists at PhysioMotion, specialize in ergonomics and can conduct workstation assessments at our clinic or onsite at your workplace. They can be tailored for individuals or for groups. 


We will cover:

  • Your current workstation set up & identify unhealthy environmental issues
  • Make recommendations on changes that need to be made to reduce risk of injury
  • Review your work lifestyle balance & activity levels
  • Source appropriate ergonomic solutions for your workstation or home office

Many musculoskeletal problems arise from poor working and sedentary postures. One of the most debilitating lower back injuries is a prolapsed disc or ‘slipped disc’, which is usually caused by prolonged poor sitting postures and insufficient exercise. It is therefore crucial in the management and prevention of all spinal issues that your workstation ergonomics is properly assessed. 

We also have a wide range of ergonomic solutions for your home or office from specially designed keyboards, mouse, electronic height adjustable tables, office chairs, and notebook accessories which can be fitted to your individual needs.

Comparing the strain of the spine

The various levels of pressure inside the vertebral discs (vertical axis) for different body positions (horizontal axis)