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When we started PhysioMotion, we were passionate about changing people’s lives through holistic care integrating the physical, psychosocial & environmental factors to accomplish people’s goals.


We have done this by creating a space where we all move better together – forward looking, progressive and innovative.


We think that space continues to evolve and grow. 


Here’s how we want to help you grow with us…


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What our clients say

Exemplary & best in class

Having been treated by multiple physiotherapists across the UK and Asia due to the complexity of my symptoms. It is only through Panda Li and her team at Physiomotion that I have been able to regain the simple pleasures of life such as sitting, walking and running pain free. Their level of professionalism, care, patience and honesty is exemplary to all those in their profession. The best in class.

Mohamed Taha

Unique & holistic approach

Unlike other clinics, Panda and the team take a unique and holistic approach to mobilise their patients. Having had several chronic sporting injuries, pregnancy related issues & postnatal care, their treatment has worked wonders for me

Hannah Duley

No more pelvic floor weakness

I feel extremely lucky to have met Panda after my traumatizing birth experience. Panda and her team are highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional. They are the best in their fields. They patiently guided me through all my pelvic floor exercises and helped to restore my pelvic floor postpartum. Panda was able to identify the root cause of my neck and back pain accurately. She goes beyond the presenting issue and teaches you how to look after your whole body holistically. I highly recommend Physio Motion to anyone who needs a treatment with professionals who truly love their job and care about their patients.

Sophie Le Yang

Back into shape after childbirth

Panda is the best physiotherapist I could ever wish for. She’s well-experienced and passionate about helping her patients restore their health. She treated me with care after my two pregnancies and helped me get back into shape after childbirth. Thank you Panda and PhysioMotion team!

Sophie Daneau

Excellent therapists & Pilates

I have been using PhysioMotion since 2007 for a range of physiotherapy including regular Pilates sessions. I have always been extremely satisfied with their professionalism. I have seen multiple therapists, all who have been excellent. They have been superb in both their professional advice and physio skills. I would wholeheartedly recommend Physiomotion for anyone who requires their services.

Harle Mossman

Unmatched expertise

Panda is definitely the best physiotherapist I have worked with. Her exceptional expertise, combined with her kind personality and positive energy, is unmatched anywhere in the industry. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking treatment with a true professional who has a passion for helping and healing people.

Kelice Li

Innovative methods seek out root causes

Panda's innovative methods go beyond treatment of the symptoms and seek out the root causes of dysfunction. With her help, I have broken out of a 10 year injury period where I failed to respond to mainstream physiotherapy methods.

Fredson Bowers

Immediate pain relief

I have been seeing PhysioMotion for back issues and it has been a great experience. Very quickly, their treatments provided immediate pain relief and gave me exercises to prevent the pain from recurring. The front desk staff at PhysioMotion are also super friendly and helpful, especially when it comes to rescheduling appointments

Martha DeLivron

Pain free golf

Panda is a miracle worker! Very knowledgeable and positive attitude about sorting your issues. I am really appreciate her sorting my neck and shoulders issues for pain free golf!

Joseph Lee

Treats the cause with sporting injuries

Panda is a life saver! She has an outstanding knowledge of physiotherapy and helped with my families’ numerous sports injuries. She is diligent, driven and does not just ‘band aid’ my symptoms, but carefully identifies and treat the cause providing holistic long-term solutions.

Jo Caldwell

Diagnose & stop chronic back pain

After visiting five different physiotherapists in HK over a 12 month period, not one was able to diagnose let alone stop my chronic back pain until I had a treatment with Panda Li. 15 years later that still remains the case.

Nigel Gregory

Dives deeper into the root cause

I’ve seen Panda for serious knee injuries. Panda is the one person who gave me hope of getting back to exercise and sport after months of pain. Panda treats the whole body and looks beyond the initial symptoms and dives deeper into the root cause, even looking at what’s happening in your life to cause stress. I love my sessions with Panda and can honestly say my whole self feels healed afterwards, not just physically but mentally too. I would highly recommend Panda and all of her team.

Helen D

Life changing for our family

Panda is a Physiotherapist our family relies on and fully trusts. Whether it is back pain or knee pain, she is able to help resolve the issue and/or alleviate the pain effectively and efficiently. Her treatments enable our bodies to move dynamically and to function optimally. Finding a physiotherapist like Panda was truly life changing for our family

JC Choy

Bought me 20+ years of health

My list of ailments was long, but Panda and her team’s holistic approach of looking at the whole person,  managed to fix all of them – now I am back running, strength training, playing golf and hiking. Well into my 60’s, they bought me another 20+ years of health and fitness.

Rafael Gil-Tienda

Curing dizziness

Nathan has been effective in curing my post-stroke dizziness where multiple doctors and acupuncturists have failed. He is an honest and practical specialist, which I really appreciate.  Vincent Wun

Vincent Wun

Skilled Massage Therapists

Gordana is simply the go-to sports therapist for any muscular issue that arises for whle family – my husband, three teens and myself. Gordana is skilled, experienced, and whole heartedly dedicated to her client's well-being. Her goal is for you to leave every session feeling meaningfully better than you did when you walked in and she achieves that for us every time.

Kim Cheung

Education & Resources

A divine connection between the human form and the universe –
Defining world class Physiotherapy & Healthcare.


At PhysioMotion, we will keep you informed with the most recent scientifically based updates of best practice combined with our expertise, wisdom and clinical judgement. Learn, grow and experience a new world of health with us.

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