Nutrition & Nutritional Genomics

Holistic care for optimum physical and nutritional health

At PhysioMotion, our Nutritionists offers personalized nutritional services and nutritional genomics testing based on evolving research in nutritional science, genomics and epigenetics. Their expertise in children and adult populations assist to:


  • Reverse inflammatory processes
  • Restore Immune & metabolic health
  • Improve digestive & gut health
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Weight management in adults & children
  • Regulate hormonal imbalance
  • Increase healing rates with injuries & post-surgery
  • Optimal pre-surgery nutritional conditioning 
  • Optimise energy, function, vitality & health span
  • Improve sleep & circadian rhythm
  • Review the role of nutrition in children’s well-being such as ADHD
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Functional medicine is an evidence based scientific approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease. Nutrition is the foundation of this approach in addition to exercise, sleep biology, stress management and mindfulness.



Our Nutritionists work closely with our Physiotherapy team to provide progressive personalized nutritional treatment based on your individual medical history, health goals and lifestyle. We use functional foods that are nutrient specific for therapeutic purposes and targeted supplementation where needed. 



physiotherapist physios physiotherapy hong kong

An example of this would be in the treatment of osteoarthritis. In such cases, our Physiotherapy team would address the biomechanical and physical aspects of treatment to prevent incorrect loading on your joints. Our Nutritionist’s team will provide dietary changes and specific supplementation to promote healing at a biochemical cellular level within the joint. 


The combination of physiotherapy and nutritional intervention aims to induce physiological healing and growth of damaged tissue such as cartilage, ligaments, bone, skin and nerves. Our innovative approach at PhysioMotion are based on the current scientific knowledge available.

Multidisciplinary Approach

At PhysioMotion, we work together as a team to address your physical issues with a multidisciplinary approach.

Chart 1 & 2 is a hypothesis of how different ailments can be inter-related

Chart 1 : One Condition, Many Causes

Chart 2 :One Cause, Many Conditions

To measure our effectiveness in addressing your health problems, we will use specific biomarkers to track your sleep, nutrient absorption, metabolic health and relevant genetic factors. In doing so, we ensure that your nutritional and physical health goals are attained.

As an adjunct to your personal nutritional health, our experienced team offer nutritional genomic advice to fully understand your individual needs and tailor specialized treatment ideal for you. Where needed, we also offer nutritional genetic testing to integrate with your epigenetics for ultimate health span.


At PhysioMotion, we fully integrate your physical and nutritional health. Our suggested treatment plans are:

3-Month Personalised Nutritional Plan

This comprehensive plan is the ultimate pathway to help you achieve your health goals and improve vitality. It aims to both promote optimal longevity (anti-aging) and vitality from a ‘healthy’ base, but also addresses chronic inflammatory conditions. Our process involves:

Completing a detailed questionnaire about your medical history, food diary, lifestyle and review existing test results

An initial consultation (1 hour) to discuss your goals and design a plan based on your history and relevant information

After an extensive review of all information, a personalized strategy will be mapped out that addresses the causes of your issues.  Practical lifestyle and nutritional modifications will be implemented.

Your plan will be discussed with you in a follow-up consultation to address any questions to help you get started.

You will have bi-weekly follow up sessions (30 minutes) to help you navigate recommended changes. Specific biomarkers will be used to track your progress to be sure that you are achieving your health goals.

Introductory Consult

This is a 1 hour consult to establish how we can help you achieve your nutritional health goals. We will review your health history and relevant information with our questionnaire and establish clear pathway to achieving nutritional health. 

This consult can be upgraded to the 3-month Personalised Nutritional Plan and this fee will be discounted from the total cost.


Nutritional Genomics

This consultation looks in detail at your genetic predisposition to specific nutritional influencers on inflammatory and oxidative processes, nutrient deficiencies, DNA methylation and other systems that help us guide your nutritional plan. This innovative and progressive approach is the ultimate adjunct tool to understanding your health. 

Used in combination with a functional food and supplement approach, it can help further personalize your health needs.

For more information relating to Nutritional resources at PhysioMotion, go to our Podcast by Amy Lamotte