Repetitive Muscular Strains – Hamstring Tightness

Repetitive Muscular Strains – Hamstring Tightness Explained with Team PhysioMotion

In this video, PhysioMotion’s Founder Panda Li gives some insight into her approach to treat repetitive muscle strains such as the hamstrings. She describes how using an individualised scientific based holistic approach to assessment and treatment is key in effective outcomes.


She explains how different regions of the body are interconnected and differentiates between what parts of the body can cause chronic hamstring tightness and acute tears. Panda provides an example of how lower back stiffness and hip immobility can lead to hamstring overuse, but also demonstrates how the thorax (upper back), neck and feet are also indirect contributors. 

She quantifies where treatment needs to be focused including the role that stress and nutrition directly affect hamstring muscle issues. She also highlights the importance of skill acquisition such as running techniques are key to effective management and prevention.