Nutrition & Osteoarthritis

Nutrition & Osteoarthritis – A Holistic Approach at PhysioMotion

In this video, PhysioMotion’s Founder Panda Li introduces their nutrition team and explains their progressive approach to the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) with nutrition and supplementation.  She describes how using an individualised scientific based holistic approach to assessment and treatment is key in effective outcomes.


PhysioMotion’s Physiotherapy and Nutritional team uses a defined objective clinical pathway to ascertain how different aspects of nutritional health are interconnected. We show how nutrition affects inflammatory processes in the body, which has a direct link to OA and other health pathways from changes in the gut microbiome and its effect on the gut-joint axis to increased body mass index. The latter can be related to non-optimal loading of joints and contributes to further inflammation through increased cytokines production. 

We highlight the importance of proper nutrition and that targeted nutrient substrates through supplementation can help reduce pain, inflammation and induce cartilage repair.