Back Pain

Acute & Recurring Back Pain with PhysioMotion’s Unique Approach

In this video, PhysioMotion’s Founder Panda Li gives some insight into her approach to treat acute and chronic back pain. She describes how using an individualised scientific based holistic approach to assessment and treatment is key in effective outcomes.

She explains how PhysioMotion’s team uses a defined objective clinical algorithm to ascertain how different regions of the body are interconnected and differentiates between what parts of the body can cause back pain versus the symptoms. In this example of a prolapsed lumbar disc causing back pain symptoms, she demonstrates that the sacro-iliac joint and the knee are the direct contributors to the disc issues. 

She quantifies where treatment needs to be focused and how they link to the L4/5 intervertebral disc pain. She further explains that by addressing the root causes of the back pain, treatment will inadvertently also treat neck pain in this patient’s case. Bilateral relationships between core muscles and their role in back pain is highlighted including the other aspects of health such as nutrition and emotional health.