Melanie Miers

Position: Senior Physiotherapist, Women's & Men's Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor & Lactation (breast feeding) Pain Specialist
Categories: Biomechanical Analysis, Lactation & Breast Pain, Physiotherapists, Pilates, Sports Injuries, Strength & Conditioning, Women’s Health
Melanie is a British Physiotherapist who was born and raised in Hong Kong. She is an accomplished Physiotherapist whose career has spanned the spectrum of sports injuries, complex spinal and joint issues to women’s health from pregnancy care to postnatal fitness regimes. She is a qualified Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. She is also a Lactation Pain Consultant. Her excellence extends to her own sporting prowess being the record holder as Hong Kong’s longest serving hockey player with the Hong Kong Women’s Hockey Team.


  • Bachelor Science (Hons) Physiotherapy, Birmingham University, United Kingdom
  • Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor (DMA Australia)
  • Lactation Breast Pain Specialist – Australia

Areas of Expertise

Professional Achievements

  • Hong Kong record holder for Longest Serving Player on the Hong Kong Women’s Hockey Team
  • Team Physiotherapist Hong Kong Women’s and under 16’s Rugby teams
  • Tournament Physiotherapist at the Hong Kong 7’s Rugby, Hong Kong Football Club 10’s Rugby Tournament, The Maclehose Trailwalker, Watson’s Water Tennis Challenge and the Hong Kong Squash Open.



Melanie’s dual career as an elite international athlete has given her personal in depth knowledge about the demands of high level sport and the role that injury management plays. She maximized these experiences when she was the team Physiotherapist to some of Hong Kong’s most challenging and high level performance events.

Extending from this, Melanie uses strong diagnostic skills based on biomechanical models to assess and treat acute injuries, chronic overuse problems, lumbo-pelvic related issues and post-surgical cases. Melanie is also a Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor who focuses on specific individually targeted core stabilization exercise programs for clients including expectant and post-partum mothers.

Melanie personally knows what is needed to recover from pregnancy having had three children and still competing at national level in hockey. As a Physiotherapist, she understands that a woman’s body changes dramatically from pregnancy, childbirth and eventually menopause. She has the expertise to treat the full spectrum of women’s health using manual therapy needed for optimal biomechanical alignment and exercise prescription to develop strength.

Melanie at PhysioMotion offers an exclusive service as a Lactation Pain Specialist Physiotherapist  for breast pain related to breast feeding. This specialty assists breast feeding mothers who are suffering from mastalgia (breast pain) or mastitis (inflammation / infection of breast tissue) to continue breast feeding naturally.

Early detection and treatment of mastalgia can provide immediate relief through provision of massage, therapeutic ultrasound and lymphatic drainage enhancing taping and expert advice regarding methods on how to return to pain-free breast feeding. In this role, Melanie will liaise with your mid-wife or PhysioMotion’s Lactation Consultant to assist in the prevention of breast pain.

As with all staff at PhysioMotion, Melanie has extensive post graduate training and practices the best treatment techniques in order to give the highest standard of patient care.

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