Greta Lai

Position: Yoga Therapist & Instructor
Categories: Yoga Therapists
Greta is a passionate Yoga Therapist and Instructor from Hong Kong with strong Canadian roots having grown up there. She joins the PhysioMotion team to further our truly holistic approach to  optimal health by addressing physical and emotional issues through her expert practice of yoga – both in its physical pursuit, but also through mindful techniques aimed to downregulate heightened stress responses. Her specialties include pre / post-natal yoga, pelvic health for women and men, achieving optimal synergies between strength and mobility for athletes, and restoring mental health for our busy Hong Kong lives.

Areas of expertise

  • Pre & post-natal yoga: specific in addressing abdominal core & pelvic floor retraining
  • Yoga for runners: focusing on dynamic efficiency required for injury free running
  • Musculoskeletal injuries: restorative yoga lower back / neck pain and joint stability
  • Flexibility & mobility: Re-balancing the body to attain flexibility where needed and dynamic stability without stiffness
  • Stress management: Mindful, restorative and relaxing yoga designed to downregulate the overactive nervous system including conditions such as depression, anxiety and other mental health issues


Fluent in Cantonese and English


  • Yoga Nidra and Restorative Teacher Training (Wisdom Yoga Institute), 2022
  • Yoga Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Online Yoga Teacher Training, 2022 (30 hours)
  • Yoga for Trauma and Mental Health Teacher Training (Wisdom Yoga Institute), 2021
  • Functional Anatomy for Yoga, Movement, Performance and Pain Specialists (Tiffany Cruikshank), 2021
  • Assisting and Alignment School (David Robson & Jelena Vesic), 2020
  • Learn to Count (David Robson & Jelena Vesic), 2020
  • Your Spine, Your Yoga : The Course (Bernie Clark), 2019
  • Level II Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Mindfulness and Inner Practices in Yin Yoga (Sarah Powers), 2018
  • AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga Training (Tamer Begum), 2018
  • Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tiffany Cruikshank), 2017
  • Yoga Anatomy Training (Tiffany Cruikshank),  2017
  • Level I Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Yin/Yang and Mindfulness Meditation (Sarah Powers), 2017
  • Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher Attunements (Joyce Thorm), 2017
  • International Community First Aid (Katia Bacon), 2016
  • Yoga Research, Philosophy & Practice (Dr. Jean Byrne, Rob Schutze, Garrett Lane), 2016
  • Living Yoga Therapy Mentorship (Chandrika Gibson & Garrett Lane), 2014-2015
  • Reiki 1 & 2 Attunements (Joyce Thom), 2015
  • AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1 & 2 Training (Tamer Begum), 2015
  • Living Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapist Training (Chandrika Gibson & Garrett Lane), 2014
  • Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training Module Three (Yoga for Active Birth) with Michelle Papa, Dr. Jean Byrne, 2013
  • Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training Module Two (Post-Natal Yoga) with Michelle Papa, 2011
  • Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training Module One (Pre-Natal Yoga) with Michelle Papa, 2011
  • Yoga Teacher Training Level with Yoga Limbs (250 hours), 2010

Achievements & Experience

Greta began her yoga journey in 2005 and became a certified yoga teacher in 2010 after 200+ hours of training. As she explored further into this ancient art, Greta realized that yoga is an approach to ultimate health for everyone. Since then, she has continually grown her wealth of knowledge through professional training, self-practice and wisdom she gains when teaching her students.

She has treated a wide range of people suffering from different ailments from pre / post-natal women, cancer sufferers, individuals suffering depression / anxiety, injuries such foot drop, and highly trained athletes especially runners. All have benefitted physically, emotionally and cognitively. Greta further broadens her expertise by incorporating traditional Chinese medicine  and yoga ensuring truly holistic health. She offers her amazing abilities for clients at PhysioMotion.

To book a session with Greta, Contact Us or WhatsApp us at 6996 0495.