About PhysioMotion

Our team at PhysioMotion believe in inspiring those around us with a growth mindset. We apply this ethos in our own learnings when researching the most innovative science based techniques to keep us dynamic and informed.


Through such empowerment of knowledge, we are excited to be able to share these skills with you.

Our Philosophy

At PhysioMotion, our philosophy has always been simple: health and fitness through movement.

Our Approach

Holistic care integrating the physical, psychosocial and environmental factors to accomplish your goals. Specifically, we assess your biomechanics to find the primary cause of your issues. We strive to fully understand your needs and assist you to connect with your body to achieve the best performance whether it be pain management, athletic pursuits or enhanced performance.

Our Technical Expertise

Our strong diagnostic skills aim to determine the underlying cause of your problem and not simply where the symptoms present. Exercise prescription will be based on neuro-muscular control of the dysfunctional area and training regimes centred on these deficiencies.

Our Team

PhysioMotion therapists’ collective experience and specialist training spans the world. Our integrated care model extends to our teamwork through sharing of our ideas and expertise – ensuring optimal outcomes. Continuing education and mentoring occurs daily within our patient discussions and through more formal avenues of specialist training.

Our Services

When you come to PhysioMotion, you will experience the difference for yourself because of Our Philosophy, Our Approach, Our Technical Expertise and Our team. We will always incorporate these aspects in your care.

At PhysioMotion, our dedicated team have tens of thousands of clinical hours of experience and are internationally trained from Australia, England, Hong Kong to the United States of America.  We  achieve optimum health through the use of strong diagnostic skills based on a thorough biomechanical assessment of the whole body. This information is then used to tailor treatment programs focusing on the specific needs and goals of each person.


We feel this is key in defining treatment strategies in conjunction with applying progressive scientifically based techniques using the most up to date research, knowledge and equipment, such as real time ultrasonography to assess muscle function. 


With a clear diagnosis, our personalised innovative treatment will involve manual therapy, soft tissue release techniques, postural screening, exercise prescription, fitness training, and ergonomic assessments of your work environment. Fully integrating all aspects of healthcare, we work very closely with our extended team of nutritionists and exercise science team.

Our team of therapists thrive on achieving patient’s health and fitness goals.

What Our Clients Say

Outstanding knowledge of physiotherapy & sports injuries

The PhysioMotion team provide me with individualised care, always considering my own motivations, barriers and preferences. They have an outstanding knowledge of physiotherapy and sports injuries. In particular, Panda is diligent, driven and does not just ‘band aid’ my symptoms, but carefully identifies and treat the cause providing holistic long-term solutions. I am grateful for the personal service in a calming, professional and friendly atmosphere. PhysioMotion has significantly improved the quality of my life. Thankyou!

Jo Caldwell

Well versed in women’s health

I suffered significant obstetric injury during a birth in London, and then had two subsequent c-sections as an expat in HK. My pelvic floor was very weak, my pelvis poorly aligned and daily life involved managing a number of symptoms that went hand in hand with both of those issues. Panda's Connect Therapy training meant we worked on the whole and not just the part. Most of the physio we undertook was incredibly subtle and often seemingly unrelated, but infinitely effective. I count myself incredibly lucky to have been able to connect with her during our time in HK, and have not found a physio since who quite gets to the source in the same way. She is as well versed in Women's Health as she is in general physio practice, and I appreciate now just how hard that combination is to find. A real gem.

Sarah Davison

Pain free running

I was an expat who lived in HK. I had run for many years with orthotics in my shoes and had some pelvic alignment issues. Panda diagnosed and treated these over a period of time where many other physios and podiatrists had tried and failed. She did a unique job of connecting everything and treating the cause, not just the symptoms. I now  don’t need orthotics when running and am pain free!


Materially improved my quality of life

I have seen Panda and the team for over 3 years. The treatment I have received for my back has materially improved the quality of my life to which I am very grateful.

Adrian Colberg

Considered the root cause & treated the source

I have suffered from chronic pain from an old sports injury for over two decades before meeting Panda.  For the first time, a physiotherapist actually considered the root cause of the injury, and pain, and treated the source.  The pain is almost completely gone, I am far more active than I used to be, and even my posture has improved.

R Bush

Listened carefully, devised highly effective treatment

Physiomotion listened and observed carefully, and devised a highly effective treatment plan. She succeeded where others had failed and offered a warm and empathetic environment in which to recover. I am deeply grateful!

Anne Hjort

Chronic pain management

I suffer with a complex genetic connective tissue disorder (Elhers Danlos- EDS) and  I am in chronic pain every day. Panda’s real skill is being able to ascertain the root of the problem instead of just treating points of pain locally. I have seen many many physiotherapists (including those at EDS hospital clinics), but none have been better able to understand & treat the root of the problem than Panda. Her treatment has helped me enormously in reaching a baseline of well-being.

E Joyce

Amazing diagnostics

The reason I went to Physiomotion was to seek a holistic approach to fixing an old injury, I could barely walk a 100m without pain. Panda was able to diagnose in two sessions what it previously took multiple doctors in 5 countries and 6 US states to discover. Through our sessions I was able to gain and maintain full mobility and hike over 23km - something I never thought I would be able to do again. I am so thankful to discover PhysioMotion during my time in Hong Kong, I highly recommend  them.

Liza Wolfe

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