Wendy Shum<

Wendy Shum

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor & Lactation
(breast feeding) Pain Specialist

Wendy is a British trained Physiotherapist who completed her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy at King’s College (London) in 2005. Upon graduation, she returned to Hong Kong and began her career in private practice, but also spent four years gaining invaluable orthopaedic, paediatric and cardio-respiratory physiotherapy experience working in Hong Kong’s public hospitals. In 2011, she successfully completed her Master’s Degree in Manual Therapy (University of Western Australia) giving her the expertise to treat the full spectrum of spinal and sports injuries from acute injuries, chronic repetitive overuse problems to biomechanical analysis for performance enhancement.

She has also been the Team Physiotherapist for rugby at the Hong Kong Football Club; the Hong Kong Orienteering Team at the Asian Orienteering Championships in 2014; and part of the physiotherapy team at the ITU Triathlon Asian Cup in 2013. To further advance her skills in sports rehabilitation, she attained a Certificate in Advance Sports Rehabilitation with Manual Concepts (Perth, Australia) in 2014. Wendy also practices acupuncture having completed her Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture (HKU SPACE), which she uses to compliment her manual therapy skills in providing effective treatment regimes.

Wendy has a keen interest in spinal related dysfunction and its effects on peripheral joints including shoulders, hip, knees and feet. To complement this, Wendy uses ‘core’ training principals to formulate the most effective rehabilitation and strengthening program for injuries ranging from post-partum women returning to exercise, to the elite level athlete.

Another area that Wendy can treat is orthopaedic paediatric physiotherapy (birth to 18 years of age). During Wendy’s hospital work, she treated cases from torticollis (wry neck) in babies, fractures and acute injuries, as well as physical developmental delay problems.

In line with PhysioMotion’s ethos of holistic treatment, Wendy is also a Lactation Pain Specialist Physiotherapist. This specialty assists breast feeding mothers who are suffering from mastalgia (breast pain) or mastitis (inflammation / infection of breast tissue) to continue breast feeding naturally. Early detection and treatment of mastalgia can provide immediate relief through provision of massage, therapeutic ultrasound and lymphatic drainage enhancing taping and expert advice regarding methods on how to return to pain-free breast feeding.

At PhysioMotion, Wendy is available to treat any musculoskeletal injury, respiratory physiotherapy; cardiac rehabilitation; women’s health including breast pain and paediatrics. Wendy is also fluent in Cantonese and proficient in Mandarin.

To make an appointment with Wendy, contact us at 2525 8168.
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