Running Assessment

Jogging is one of the most enjoyable and great ways to keep fit, but it is a repetitive sport that places stress on joints from the feet to the lower back. Up to sixty five percent of joggers carry a running related injury that is often related to poor biomechanics (body alignment). Whether you run recreationally or competitively, it is important that you are injury free.

Common injuries caused by inefficient biomechanics and non-optimal movement strategies are:

  • Knee pain such as 'runner's knee' or mal-tracking of the knee cap
  • Hip discomfort or bursitis
  • Lower back / pelvic dysfunction
  • Feet issues such plantar fasciitis, ingrown / loss of toe-nails
  • Soft tissue injuries such as hamstring, groin and calf strains
  • Achilles tendonitis

    Our running assessments look at the way you run. We use a multidisciplinary and holistic approach with our Physiotherapist and Podiatrist. We look at all factors in all regions of the body that may be causing inefficiency and injury with your running. Such expert knowledge and analysis ensures excellent running technique, optimal performance and injury prevention.

  • PhysioMotion

    We use the most advanced and real time ultrasonography (RTUI) and more so, expertise in analysis to provide objective data on how your body moves. Our team then evaluates this information to identify any biomechanical problems and muscle imbalances.

    Benefits of a running assessment are:
  • Identification of poor running techniques
  • Objective measurements of muscular imbalances
  • Improved running performance
  • Injury prevention & treatment protocol
  • An extensive core stability & fitness program

  • We keep you running at PhysioMotion.
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