Real Time Ultrasound Imaging

Real time ultrasound imaging (RTUI) assists in the objective and real time viewing of deep abdominal (transversus abdominus & obliques), pelvic floor, lower back (multifidis) and hip muscles to assess whether they are working appropriately to enable optimal movement strategies. It allows for both the Physiotherapist and patient to know whether you are using these muscles during any ‘core work’ that you maybe currently undertaking.

Research has demonstrated that retraining motor control (timing of muscle contractions and activation) of specific stabilizing muscles is the ultimate goal of any exercise program for maximal strength of ‘global’ muscles and healthy movement. The retraining of your core stabilising muscles enables optimal transfer of loads through the spine and pelvic girdle to other joints of your body allowing stability without compromising mobility, and creates dynamic movement with control – true performance enhancement.

For conditions such as a rectus abdominus diastasis, we use RTUI to objectively measure the extent, depth and severity of the separation. We will also look at the degree of motor control of this muscle and surrounding abdominal stabilising muscles to be able to tell you precisely how they are functioning and the impact this will have on your physical health. In addition, other functional tests will be performed to put into a clinical and functional context the relative importance of your rectus diastasis.

Once the foundation of adequate ‘core strength’ is achieved, it is important to integrate this with your ‘global’ muscles and more specifically, into the desired sport or function. At PhysioMotion, all our staff are trained to use the RTUI equipment, confidently assess and diagnose any issues you may have, tailor Pilates sessions and fitness training based on the specific abilities of the participant.

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