Podiatry is a profession that treats conditions involving the lower leg, specifically the feet. Podiatry services at PhysioMotion include:

  • Expert Orthoses (shoe inserts) prescription & fabrication
  • Sports injuries in adults & children
  • Any musculoskeletal conditions of the foot & lower leg including biomechanical gait analysis & running assessments
  • Diabetic feet
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Minor surgery for verrucae & ingrown toenails
  • Expert advice regarding choice of footwear for children and adults

  • Podiatry services offered at PhysioMotion address any bio-mechanical issues including orthotics prescription and the treatment of foot related ailments. Our podiatrists work very closely with all our Physiotherapists to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients. We also advise on footwear for all sports including minimalist shoes for running. Detailed assessments of your body type, running style, volume of exercise and any injuries will be reviewed when making the appropriate choice of footwear.

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