Rectus Abdominal Diastasis & Abdominal Hernias

A common pregnancy related problem known as a 'rectus abdominus diastasis' is where the middle section of a muscle called rectus abdominus muscle tears or splits. This muscle is the outer most layer of the stomach area. Men can also suffer this problem although it is less common. The diastasis can vary from a superficial tear that is only a few centimetres long to a deep, full thickness tear from the chest to the pubic bone. If the abdominal contents then ‘bulges’ through this separation, it is known as an abdominal hernia.
Early diagnosis within the first six weeks if you are post-partum is crucial for optimal healing. Physiotherapists at PhysioMotion will conduct a detailed assessment using ultrasound guided imaging, skilled palpation and functional tests to determine the extent and severity of the rectus diastasis. We would then be able to advise clients specifically on how to optimize healing, appropriate types and levels of exercise, and advise if further intervention such as surgical repair is required.

At PhysioMotion, all our staff are trained to conduct real time ultrasound guided assessments for a rectus diastasis, pelvic floor and core muscle function.

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